Say goodbye to parking tickets

The easiest way to park on the street in San Francisco. Know when you need to move your car before you park and get a reminder so you don't forget.

About Us

Our vision is to improve driver experience in San Francisco in reading and understanding on-street parking rules. We Believe by taking these steps, we could actually lower the rate of drivers who got parking tickets.

Why we are best
for you

We are the first mobile application that display the end point time to move out of your parking vehicle.

Easy and Effective

Avoid parking tickets, by having the best way to read the parking signs in San Francisco

Driver Assisted UI

Drive safely and always get updated with the nearest parking spots. With our algorithm, understand the parking rules in a better experience.

Timer Mode

Set the timer in order to receive notifications on when to move out your car before a certain parking time limit has been reached.


Hands-free Location Tracking/

PARKR tracks driver location at all time to enable safe, hands-free use.

Endpoint Info/

With PARKR we focus on displaying only the most necessary information, which is the parking time limit. By taking this step, we enable drivers to glean all the information they need at a glance.

/Easy to navigate

With Driver-assisted UI, drivers will always get updated with the nearest parking regulations.

/Timer Flexibility

Set a timer in order to receive an alert to move your car with the touch of a button

Always drive safe and avoid parking tickets with PARKR

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